5 Things About Prom
5 Things Your Florist Wants You to Know…… So, I was looking at the calendar and WOW, Prom Season is just about here! I truly love the prom season. It’s such a special time for young people. I didn’t do all the special preparations that the youth do today, when I went to prom. I mean the only prom I went to was with a borrowed dress and with someone that was just a friend and I really don’t remember him bringing me flowers. But, now! There is the “prom proposal”, dress shopping, tuxedo coordination, the day of makeup and hair and nail appointments and special photography at some group gathering at a garden somewhere. But in the middle of all this….. Don’t forget the FLOWERS! So, with all of these things on your checklist, I thought I’d compile a short list of things to think about before you visit your (our) florist and place your order…. 1) A picture of your dress on your cell phone is NOT a good representation of the actual color. Is is black and blue or white and gold? Everyone has a different opinion. You don’t want your florist to make any wrong assumptions regarding your corsage. So, here is what your florist needs - For us, you can bring your dress with you. We encourage this so that we can match the flowers and/or the ribbons with the dress. 2). There are NO natural flowers in Turquoise, Aqua or Black. That’s the bad news. The good news is there are lots and lots of options available to incorporate those colors into the corsage. Ribbons and Accents are where your odd colors come in. I know, Pinterest has all of these colors. Yes, but they are not natural. Some florist will die the tips of flowers, WE DO NOT. If you have your heart set on an odd color flower you can always use silk florals. The dyed flowers tend to bleed their color and that could bleed onto your hands and dress. Therefore that is why we do not do this. 3.) Placing your order the day before the prom is a bad idea. Please please do not procrastinate!!! Florist really do not like that. I will say if you have worked with me, you know I will do everything in my power to make sure you have flowers for the special event, but it is real heard to serve you the way we would like if we don’t have much time. (Order at least a week ahead). These little works of art take time and planning. Typically a florist will order prom supplies and reserve their flowers weeks ahead. Remember Prom season is in full swing so supplies and flowers are in high demand all across the country. If your prom happens to fall on Mother’s Day weekend place your order extra early so your florist, who is already slammed with a very busy holiday, has the time and resources reserved for your order. 4.) Obsessing about exact color match is driving everyone crazy! We understand, we really do. You found the perfect dress and don’t want to make a mistake while choosing your corsage. What color? What flower? What about ribbon? Sheer? Glittered? Animal print? The choices are overwhelming. That is why we are here. We can help. You may suggest colors that compliment or contrast or we may have others ideas you haven’t even thought about yet. It’s what we do all the time and we’re pretty good at it too, I think! So, relax and let us do what we do the best. It’s really not necessary to incorporate the color black into your corsage because your date will be wearing a black tux. And last 5). Give us plenty of time and we’ll be happy to create something truly unique for you! Are you looking for something out of the ordinary? Going redneck or traditional. Have you found a design on line and want one like it? Contact your florist early and let them create something special for you. So, that about wraps it up. So when you’re thinking about the Prom - Come check out our florist and we would love to help you. So, Until next time Live Your Life In Bloom.