What To Do In The Garden In Winter
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January 19, 2023 My favorite time of the year is well on the way - Spring. It’s time to think about yard plans. December and January are great months to prune climbing roses, grapes, weeping cherry trees, and the like. Dead branches should be pruned close to the trunk as possible. One thing you can do is feed the birds. In the winter the birds appreciate a little extra help with finding food. Fill feeders and hang suet blocks to help them get through. Birds eat bugs and feed on weed seeds during the growing season, so attracting them to your garden year round just makes sense. It’s the perfect time to clean your garden tools too. Before putting the tools away for the winter,(or now) make sure they are clean. Remove any rust before storing them and that will insure your tools are ready to go when you need them in the spring. It’s a good practice to clean your tools often throughout the year. Another thing that you can do now is make a list of what you need for for the new season and pick up gardening supplies at a discount. It’s off season so many of last season’s tools and equipment can be found for a great price. While you are stuck inside on those cold rainy days is a great opportunity to decide what you will be planting. Jot down everything that was successful the last few years and decide which ones are worth the effort to grown again. Unfortunately that’s about all there is to do in the garden for the next month or so. After that though, it’s time to start seeds and get the garden started again. I am looking forward to the spring season as always. Make sure you keep checking back on my webpage for more tips and great ideas for the upcoming gardening season. Until next time - Live Life in Full Bloom Sent from my iPad